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Who We Are.
How We're Different.

     Trade Area Marketing Group is led by Harry Falber - who began his career in advertising at Scali, McCabe, Sloves, also working at Della Femina, Travisano & Partners, and Rosenfeld, Sirowitz & Lawson. He moved to the client side with Volvo, his first client, and then Nabisco, and Polaroid,

     His work on behalf of clients has taken us all over the world from the UK, Spain, France, Italy, on to  Russia, Bulgaria, The Philippines, China, Singapore, Shanghai and many places in between navigating the cultural differences as creative work had to be developed for radio and TV, licensing programs had to be put in place, and we had to make sure that all compliance issues were addressed as we worked at building new manufacturing relationships. He and his associates have worked on time-sensitive critical initiatives, with complex regulations and compliance issues, and project-specific assignments with very tight deliverables, as well as taking on long-term assignments building international networks, and helping set up innovation labs that were regional centers of excellence.


     What clients especially appreciate, whether in a search for a new ad agency, the total overhaul of compliance standards and practices, the response to a negative outcome from a DOJ investigation, consideration of adding a DRTV creative shop to a portfolio, negotiating a new compensation agreement with a long time sales promotion partner who has been doing far more work and the fees haven't reflected that, or battling an unforeseen crisis in sales and marketing 7,000 miles from headquarters; is that we never forget that finally-honed strategies must also be firmly managed. All our strategies that are adopted by clients come with a tactical plan and timeline we work with our clients to implement and manage. Ethics are not just one component of what we consult on, they are what drives all we do.


     But what truly makes us different, makes us uniquely sensitive to both the business side and the creative side in our space, is that he has grown up in, lived in, and worked on both the corporate side and the agency side of the business. Harry worked for some of the most creative agencies, alongside and with brilliant masters of writing, art direction, and promotion to ever have graced what will always be known as Madison Avenue. We've worked in licensing, DRTV, media, promotion, e-commerce, and the modern world of digital. 


     And as important, he's worked for companies that were equally well known for the fiercely competitive battles they fought in the consumer and business-to-business market place. We know how agencies and clients have to work together, and the value of those successful relationships in insuring advertising communicates and motivates the intended audience. We did. And that's what we bring to our clients.


     A significant part of TAMG assignments include working with client companies on the selection of new advertising agencies, evaluating existing and setting new compensation agreements, advising private equity firms on the acquisition of digital, sales promotion, direct response, direct marketing, or full-service advertising, PR and licensing agencies for their portfolios, advising agency owners on mergers, acquisition, and setting clearly defined exit strategies of their agencies.


     Our assignments have included; helping companies gather and evaluate insights into their current and future markets, setting standards and practices for vendors and assuring compliance with critical governmental regulations including FCPA, CP, BBA, ITAR, ATF, BRC, FDA, and FTC.  We’ve tackled invigorating mature products, creating innovation labs to find new ones, and building product lines off the success of strong but narrow core products. 


     TAMG assignments and career experience include food & beverage, quick service and casual dining restaurants, beverage alcohol (wine, spirits and imported beer), infant & baby foods and products, flowers, gifts, fast-moving consumer goods, RTD beverages, adult gaming, newspapers, automotive, dental products, medical offices, telecom, firearms, computer products & services, food and non-food ingredients, airlines, private label, and retail with hands-on involvement in product innovation, direct-to-consumer, market research, call centers, customer service, consumer, e-commerce, multi-channel marketing, DRTV,  and direct marketing.


What plans and programs we help create, we help ensure are executed quickly – whether it is for the sale, merger or acquisition of an ad, digital or promotion agency to a private equity firm,  the selection of a new DRTV, licensing or creative agency for a growing company's evolving business model, or the complete repackaging, repositioning, and market reentry of a consumer product.


We have no ego, and we don't dawdle, posture, or pontificate. It's all about speed to market and tackling issues at hand.  We tell the truth as we see it. And while hired by CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CMOs, and procurement VPs, we work hand-in-hand with team members at all levels, doing the heavy lifting side-by-side.
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