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Advertising Agency Searches

We won't tell you how important it is to have outside counsel help select new agencies, whether full-service, creative, digital, promotion or media. That's a tad self-serving we would think.
What we will say is, that if you have made the decision to consider using a consultancy to help guide you in the selection process and keep an independent and dispassionate hand on the process, these are five important points to land on in selecting the best partner.
The five consultancy criteria to insure professional agency searches


  1. Is the search firm experienced…not  just  in traditional agency search, but also in below-the-line agencies, licensing agencies, digital agencies, PR agencies and experiential marketing agencies?                                         

  2. Have the principals held senior agency jobs and client-side positions so they have  hands--on experience in all facets of the business?​   Have they worked top-to-top?       

  3. Are they flexible? Sometimes the operational situation demands that a traditional search process be abbreviated; yet  because of the importance of this selection, quality cannot be compromised.                            

  4. Are they discreet? The least disruptive and most efficient agency searches are those that are least publicized. The last thing a client in search mode needs is to be barraged with solicitation calls from (in some cases) hundreds of agencies, the vast majority of whom are not qualified to handle the account.                                                    

  5. Do they really understand agency compensation and will they get it out of the way early in the search process?

TAMG has assisted companies in searches across all agency types - all under strict pre and post confidentiality without any publicity to the involvement of TAMG or the client search. TAMG has a structured, disciplined, and proven search model, we also are not so rigid we cannot adapt to critical situations and we have the experience and ability to short circuit our model should the situation warrant. In one circumstance we found a client a new design agency within three weeks of receiving the assignment.


Importantly, for your competitive reasons and for sensitivity internally and to external partners, we have a history where NOT ONE search has ever been leaked.


While we will address compensation in the following section, you should be aware that we deal with the issue in the initial information pack sent out to our long list of potential agencies following signing of confidentiality agreements .

Representative Search Cases

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