How We Started

Trade Area Marketing Group was the result of starting in advertising with Scali, McCabe, Sloves, Inc. one of the acknowledged agencies looked at as a building block in the foundation of modern advertising and marketing principles and practices - the creative revolution of the late 60s and early 70s, which were first led by Doyle, Dane, Bernbach, Papert, Koenig, Lois, and Carl Ally.


     TMAG was started by Harry Falber after having left Nabisco to launch a consulting company to his former clients at Nabisco and a casual dining start-up. All building on his experience with some of the most creative agencies in advertising and his work on the client side in advertising management, first at Volvo, and then at Polaroid Corporation working under Dr. Edwin Land.

     Harry remained at Polaroid through the early 80s and then moved to Nabisco Brands to become their Director of Marketing for Nabisco's imported beer division (Dos Equis, Foster's Lager, Moosehead, Pilsner Urquell to name a few). He left Nabisco to start his own southern pit barbecue restaurant chain and after selling it, he returned the client side working for well-known companies such as 1800Flowers where he rolled out their retail licensed store concept, and later served as President of Hallmark Cards' Flower & Gift Business Unit. He started his career at ad agency Scali, McCabe, Sloves, moving to their client, Volvo, as advertising manager, and later working for Della Femina, Travisano & Partners, and Rosenfeld, Sirowitz, & Lawson. 


     Harry founded Founded Trade Area Marketing Group in 1987, after he left Nabisco to serve his past employer and other clients while developing a casual dining concept. Trade Area Marketing Group serves global clients in turn-around, start-up or critical situations perhaps due to understaffed start-up teams, or unplanned or unforeseen changes beyond the scope of the in-place team to solve. His consulting career has carried him all over the world as he advised companies, including Gerber Baby Foods (Novartis), Alcoa, Reynolds Consumer Products, CP Kelco, Nat Sherman, Beck's Beer, and Smith & Wesson.


     In 2012, sensing a need for their combined expertise among companies in the mid-market, and those agencies serving the mid-market - which are companies ranging in size from $100 million  to $3 billion in annual revenues equaling about $5 Trillion of the US GDP from 30,000 companies, Trade Area Marketing Group and Continental Consulting Group merged. 


     We continue to help company CEOs, CMOs, and their CFOs concerned with financial restraint, find new agencies and negotiate fair compensation agreements for both parties, and help assess the true needs of the client before the search is conducted, to accurately reflect what really will be needed over the contract period and the best way to achieve those goals with in-company staffing. Accordingly, our searches can be creative only, full-service, direct marketing, direct response, media, digital, licensing, PR, and sales promotion and all include fair-to-both- parties client:agency compensation negotiations and agreements. We apply our same disciplined approach to advising private equity firms interested in developing portfolios as well as advising agency management teams on valuations and exit strategies. 


We work in three primary service areas:


  • We advise CEOs and CMOs on new agency searches for an AOR, or specific verticals including broadcast advertising, media, digital, direct marketing , direct response, public relations, licensing, media, and sales promotion. In conjunction with the awarding of accounts, we work with client CMOs, CFOs, procurement and agency management to arrive at fair compensation, and through on-boarding of the agency, and relationship development, help insure a long-lasting and productive partnership.


  • We work with both advertisers and agencies in reengineering client|agency compensation agreements as relationships and workloads evolve.

  • We consult to CEOs and CMOs  providing on-site  management for international or domestic corporate/brand strategy and marketing plan execution in critical situations.



     Our website is designed to give you a better lens into who we are, where we came from, what we do, and give you a sense of how we can help - not to tell you in 10 words or less how we will help you fix your issues, or how great we are as agency search consultants, or M&A specialists, or at creating strategies and tactics. That just can't be done. We'd rather listen to you and better understand what your situation is, and issues are, to craft a plan suited to your immediate or long term needs. We look forward to those initial conversations. In the meantime, we're sure you'll find something of interest as you move around. We won't bother you with pop-ups. 

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