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International or Domestic On-site

Critical Care Strategies, Tactics, Supplemental Creative

We design strategies, implement growth and turn-around solutions, as well as provide tactical support, in-country and on-site, for a broad range of sales, marketing, supply, innovation, and general management initiatives on a global basis for both public and private companies. More often than not, we've worked on urgent development and implementation of strategic alternatives when unforeseen competitive situations arose which often included creating urgently needed advertising, promotion, and sales programs.

Reynold's Handi-Vac


While working with Reynolds on a number of different projects with members of marketing, finance, engineering, supply chain, new product development and international. we were asked to

take on a task of significant challenge. A failing new product, Handi-Vac,  was an assignment that took us from headquarters in Richmond, VA to factories in Asia and Wisconsin, potential markets in Europe, Eastern Europe and the  Middle-east, to being front and center

and the Gold winner at the National Hardware Show to visiting major markets and retailers through-out the United States as we relaunched Handi-Vac to consumers and retailers alike. All this while continuing to work on other units within Reynolds and coach the rebuilding  of client

management of and interaction with their ad agencies.



[click here for complete look at        Handi-Vac and DRTV]


Beck's Draft Beer


Brauerei Beck was owned by a German family trust and one of the world's best known and best-selling beer.  First imported into the US by Walter Driscoll of Dribeck Importers, following his death it reverted to management in Germany under the family trust.  One of our partners had worked on Beck's early in his career at Della Femina Travisano & Partners during its rapid growth stage and then consulted to Beck's  during a protracted legal battle with their ad agency when the FTC cited the importer over its broadcast advertising where a number of beverage alcohol regulations were broken.  Called again by a brillant and dynamic  new CEO,  John Lennon,  who with his EVP Tom Angelo were rebuilding Beck's, we were asked to contribute on multiple projects including the relaunch of Beck's draft beer and Beck's Light Beer.


 [click here for Beck's

promotion elements]

Gerber Infant & Baby


A world famous brand name with  an even more famous brand image, Gerber's US dominance was not replicated globally. 

Under the new and dynamic SVP Global  Head  of Infant & Baby Food and Care Products, Eric Beringause, we were asked to come in and assist in both Europe and Asia to aggressively expand the international business providing market analyses, in-country assistance to local managers and work closely with the head of

the Asia Pacific region, Hyung Hahn, as he began a massive transformation of the region.


Efforts included acting as interim general manager in a number of countries, creating tool kits for the marketing and sales team to use with distributors and retailers, help build a stronger bridge with their advertising agency, Grey, build global community via major meetings in Parsippany, Singapore, and Europe.


We mentored marketing and sales teams, worked with existing distributors and in some cases found, out of necessity, replacement distributors.


[click here for Gerber

Tactical Work 



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