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From my first days at Ogilvy, lessons learned were that to be effective, advertising had to communicate, be truthful, never condescend, and connect.

N.W Ayer | AT&T

AT&T's "Reach Out and Touch Someone" campaign spoke to the importance of listening, talking, and just asking, "how'ya doin"? 


We have to ask ourselves, if we are supporting friends and family today in a framework of 140 characters.

N.W. Ayer | Pan Am

Today, while Pan Am no longer flies, it is perhaps still America's "Flag Carrier". We never lost sight of that. There are time when every company and industry hunkers down and runs "sales" at any cost. We chose to give the reasons why you want to fly now, not later - even if it meant flying competition. Because we and our client knew, that integrity, and thoughtfulness will win in the end.

Polaroid | SX-70

Some people remember Sir Lawrence Olivier introducing the SX-70.  I felt most people remembered Sir Lawrence (it even made Saturday Night Fever). Some of my associates may have loved it, but I worked with a few at DDB and we knew there was a greater message to get out and we created  a series of spots that communicated the emotional experience the SX-70 camera would deliver.

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