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Welcome To

Trade Area Marketing Group


     We are a Connecticut-based consulting practice working with both local and international small and large consumer products businesses, retail, e-commerce, and B-to-B organizations. We work with sole proprietorship or partnership owners, corporate CEOs, CMOs, CFOs and procurement teams on strategies in meeting goals, turnarounds, creative and sales development, ad agency management and searches, audits of and budget recommendations to help reduce, contain, or repurpose expenses, distributor selection and management, corporate and brand strategy, and importing and exporting strategies. 


     TAMG implements growth and turn-around solutions, as well as provide tactical support, in-country and on-site, for a broad range of sales, marketing, supply, innovation, and general management initiatives working with businesses, distribution channels, local, regional and international government officials, and non-governmental organizations as needed. We work on urgent development and implementation of strategic alternatives when unforeseen competitive situations arise, which often include creating quickly-needed advertising, promotion, and sales programs.


     Our clients are immersed in fiercely competitive businesses and rely on the fast-evolving  world of global marketing communications. We are responsive to their needs.


Strategic Consulting To Corporations and Agencies


     When unforeseen competitive situations, market or governmental challenges or the need for seamless and well-executed new product launches confront CEOs, CFOs, Legal Officers, Board members, and CMOs, it more often than not may call for a rapid response from an external, extremely flexible, creative, yet well-disciplined team unencumbered by internal bias and ingrained business process. We develop and implement strategically targeted action plans, working closely with owners and management. We put our feet-on-the-ground and plans in place that directly addresses and tackle critical issues, domestically and internationally.  


     Below is a link to one of our presentations on the evolving world in marketing - in this case, focused on the CMO and CFO relationship and its growing importance to a company's success. By clicking on the "Power Partnership Rising" image, you'll be taken to the presentation, and return here at any time. Feel free to share the deck.

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New Ad Agency Search & Agency|Client Relations


     We  conduct ad agency searches to help advertisers find new creative, sales promotion, digital, licensing, PR, media or full-service ad agencies following evaluation of client needs, and negotiate fair compensation agreements for both sides. We also on-board the new agencies, help build the new agency | client bridges as well as repair or improve, existing agency/client relationships.


Reengineering Ad Agency Compensation Agreements


     We guide clients and agencies through an already complicated world of creating fair compensation programs for a company's agencies, which is already complex and will rapid become even more so with the rise of digital communications, staff based fee structures, big data, and the quest for results-based compensation.


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