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Sell Side


Our experience has shown us that entrepreneurs who have spent a lifetime building a successful agency whether direct-to-consumer, direct marketing, classic, sales promotion, media, licensing, or digital, often do not know how they will monetize it to reap the fruits of their labor. In many cases they do not even know the current worth of their businesses in today’s market.



TAMG assists agency principals in the following ways:



We work with agencies advising the key shareholders on market value of the business.



We develop ways to make the agency most appealing to potential acquirers both on a financial and organizational basis.



We advise on the most probable acquirer  - financial, strategic or employee buyout. 



We structure equitable deals that best accommodate the long term health and success of the agency after the transaction.



Buy Side


There are essentially three categories of potential ad agency acquirers; financial, strategic and employee groups. TAMG assists all of these groups in the following areas:



Identifying the best potential acquisition targets.



Meeting with the identified targets to determine their receptivity to a potential transaction.



Evaluating the capabilities and quality of potential: classic advertising agencies | direct response|   direct marketing | digital | media | promotion | licensing | public relations | shopper marketing agency acquisitions.




Representative Transactions & Valuations

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